Errol was born on the 8th January 1979 at The Mothers’ Hospital, Hackney entering this world weighing 7lbs 5ozs. Errol lived with his parents Arnold and Makeda and his maternal grandparents. They all lived together in Stamford Hill.

Errol attended Kelmscott High School in Walthamstow and made many friends. Errol informs that Neil and David were two people who lived close to him and those friendships continue to date.

Meeting Naomi for the first time…

At the end of 2011 Errol noticed this woman on the same floor that he worked, he assumed that she had recently joined the department and thought;

"oooh la la”

He continued to observe and admire her for a while and from a distance. Errol then plucked up the courage to approach her as she stood by the printer, which was located close to his desk, he said;

 "Oh, is the printer down your end not working?”

He followed this question with a joke, he recalled Naomi answering;

“you're too feisty and too forward!”

Errol stated that he then realised that he would have to find another way to approach her, she was just too professional and was not having any of his banter.

At that time Errol was riding his bike to work, and soon discovered they had a mutual interest in exercise such as cycling. Errol assisted Naomi to sign up to the Ride to Work scheme and suggested he could accompany her for her cycle home.

Errol developed a friendship with Naomi by riding their bikes together, going for drinks, walks and long chats in the park.  Not long thereafter, for Errol the penny had dropped and he admitted to himself that his feelings for Naomi were a little more serious than he first imagined

He did not wish to be just friends...

and so the journey of persuasion began…

Errol admired her professionalism and drive, her desire to remain private with her professional and private life. He also liked that she had an attitude of zero tolerance.

Errol believed that Naomi was a like a lioness.

He imagined that she would be the ideal woman that he would choose to have his children. There was no way that he would let this woman slip away from him. Errol liked what he observed between Naomi and her mother, he saw a real closeness - a sense of togetherness.

Errol invited Naomi to the Christmas party which was held at East Ham Town Hall in 2012. Errol remembers how beautiful Naomi looked, she had a sexy halter-neck top and very nice earrings, he remembers that look to this day!!

This was the night of their first kiss.


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