Naomi was born and raised in Bethnal Green, East London. She studied Psychology at the University of East London and Family Therapy  at the Institute of Family Therapy in Euston Square. She landed the job at Newham in March 2011 which is where she met Errol.

Meeting Errol for the first time...

The photocopying machine at Naomi’s end of the office had broken down... and ironically the only one that was working was located at Errol’s end of the office.

Naomi encountered a paper jam and was looking around for help and asked Errol if he could sort out the jam in the machine. He responded with a heavy sign and Naomi responded apologetically saying;

“I’m sure you get asked this all the time because you sit next to the photocopier”

Errol helped to un-jam the paper and took the opportunity to speak to her asking;

“Are you new here? Are you permanent? Because there’s a lot of agency staff that come and go”

She responded;

“No, I’m permanent”

Errol’s eyes lit up.

Naomi noticed that he used to cycle into work and she was keen to increase her exercise regime and started to consider cycling into work too. Someone mentioned the cycle to work scheme and she asked Errol for advice. When Naomi started to cycle to work, Errol kindly offered to escort her on the journey back home to teach her about road safety explaining that;

“he was heading in her direction anyway”

She thought that was really sweet. She remembers him asking her;

“where do you live?”

and due to being a little sceptical about letting him know exactly where she lived, she would simply say;

“you can leave me here, I'm good thanks”

He made a good impression on her at this early stage. During these frequent bike trips from work he would show her how to lock the bike in the underground car park, and how to look after the bike. They started to get to know each other really well.

Then one day by the tea and coffee machine at work, he made his move. He told Naomi that he was interested in her and she replied by saying;

“I’m not interested in anything casual, I’m only looking for a long-term relationship”

He then proceeded to tell her that;

“she didn’t really understand, just how serious he was”

After that conversation, Naomi started to look at him differently and decided to take him more seriously…a lot more seriously!

She let her guard down and fell in love....