The proposal according to Errol...

Simeilia was planning to visit her friend Charleen in Barcelona with her boyfriend Reggie and suggested to me that we should all go.

I had a light bulb moment...propose to Naomi in Barcelona!

I began my detective work, ascertaining Naomi's ring size which I got from her mother and I began the planning to have the ring custom made. I decided to keep all the plans close to my chest, with only a few selective people knowing.

Thanks to Jeremy and Charleen the venue for the engagement was pre -booked and the plan was for Sim, Reggie, Charleen, Jeremy and Naomi, of course, to be present.



I’m now looking forward to the future.
I’m on the vehicle of our journey together and I am confident that the wedding will cement us as a unit.

In Barcelona, Las Ramblas at 1898 Hotel on the rooftop, I stood nervous but 90% confident that Naomi would accept my proposal.

With a flutter in my chest…

Luckily for me, it all went well (I had to give myself a pat on the back)!

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